Todo lo que está a mi Lado

After having presented his work in cities such as New York, Rome, Seoul and London, among others, Fernando Rubio chose RAIMONDI as the setting for his artistic performance » Todo lo que está a mi lado » Before being presented within the framework of the Madrid autumn festival in 2019, an adapted version was made and never seen before inside the window of our premises for 3 days. It was an exclusive experience for clients and friends who had a unique experience. “No spectacular form can convey more fully experientially than a hand-to-hand work. Therefore, it will be a permanent will to continue building different systems, symbolic universes, denatured object machines and stories that enable the constant evolution and investigation of a language that has the central objective in its direct relationship with people ” F.R.
RAIMONDI finds in art a unique sensory experience. «Providing our public with this type of experience is part of what we want to promote as a brand, we do not want to stay in the basic establishments but rather we seek to go further and to discover new worlds» S.R.
Actresses: María Abadi, Lucrecia Oviedo y  Lourdes Pingeon
Director: Fernando Rubio